Nova Yoga Studio

Welcome to Nova New York (NNY)

Created in Spring 2013, Nova New York (NNY) began with a vision of bringing the metropolitan vibe to the up and coming town of Ridgewood, Queens. We combined the ever evolving world of fitness with the creative world of artistic and innovative classes fit for all age groups. We think big, but operate small, delivering the best most qualified instructors who are eager to help you achieve your goals . Our eclectic team strives to offer our clients unique classes fit for your individual needs.

NNY offers you a variety of Specialized Fitness, Wellness and Educational Courses. We even have classes designed and developed just for kids. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be proactive in his or her desire for good health & quality of life. We encourage women, men and children of all ages to explore new ways to have fun while promoting a healthy & balanced lifestyle. Have an idea for a class? Are you a Certified Instructor and Interested in Teaching? Contact us and let us know

NNY offers a variety of creative Yoga classes including: Vinyasa Flow, Beginngers Yoga, BUTI Yoga, Ashtanga, Kids Yoga & Much More! 



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Want to take an evening class but cannot find a sitter? Childcare is available during all of our evening classes by our Department of Education Certified Teacher. Our list of classes will continue to grow, offering our community new ways to have fun while promoting a healthy & balanced lifestyle. All of our instructors are certified and insured in their field. Our goal is to bring fun and affordable fitness to our community, and create an environment where people can feel comfortable trying out something new. We are trying to bring health and wellness to the community with attention to convenience and family fitness, so there’s a class for everyone in the family!